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GL Black Diamond Frypans  7" and 10" GL Black Diamond Frypans 7" and 10"

Diamonds are a cook's best friend!

This skillet set is made of diamond reinforced ceramic non stick coating, diamond reinforced. Make your kitchen sparkle! There are no PFAs and PFOA, and cadmium free. The body is aluminum reinforced, and they are ovensafe to 350 Farenheit. The coating is stove heat resistant up to 600 Farenheit. THe handle is a stay cool handle, soft to the touch and easy to grip. You will love your new cookware! It will inspire you to make deliciously tasty meals, cooked to perfection in your beautiful new cookware. Cleanup is easy, just wipe out! Because ceramic is nonstick, food has an easy release. Nothing will stick to your pan! Dishwasher safe. Feel inspired!
Ceramic is healthy! It requires less oil and butter (to taste only), and lets out no harmful fumes as from a heated medtal skillet. It is safer for your pets and family, and being made of ceramic is environmentally friendly. Live healthy, live ceramic!

Our Price: $50.73
GreenLife  Diamond  Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware 14 Piece Set GreenLife Diamond Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware 14 Piece Set

Diamonds are a cooks's best friend!

This beautiful Black Diamond Cookware 14 Piece Set is sure to please. It is reinforced with diamond crystals in a Thermalon ceramic coating, making it nonstick and very hard and durable. Make your kitchen sparkle! It is sylish and classic at the same time. Functional and efficiant, it will get the job done with no worry about cleanup or stuck on food. The body is amuminum reinforced, and the handles are a soft stay cool grip. Oven safe to 350 Farenheit, it is also dishwasher safe. It is heat resistant to 600 Farenheit, and oven safe to 350 Farenheit. It is fuss free cooking with easy clean up!

------It is healthy! The pan does not need extra butter or fat, unless for taste, since nothing sticks to the pan. Ceramic pans use little to no oil. It is PTFE- ,PFOA-, and Cadmium-free and has no harmful fumes. It is better for the environment, and is recyclable. A truly great idea for a gift. Anyone will be pleased with their new quality ceramic nonstick cookware set!

Our Price: $121.78